Here is a little trick we learned after a few years to make things go quicker when you start matching.

If you remember, when you bulk import measurements, you will need to add a category to the spreadsheet as follows:

Focus: A
Dollars and Sense: B
Brand: C
Market Position: D
Outside Perception: E
Inside Perception: F
Innovation: G
Decision Approach: H
Talent: I
Motivation: J
Giving Back: K
Ownership: L
Regulations: M
Economics: N
Technology: O
Market: P

What you could do ahead of time is label the categories when writing the measurements and then number the measurements as well.

For example, the first measurement written for focus would be A1. The first measurement in Brand would be C1 and so on. Add this to your ideation books for quick reference during the session.

When you get to ideation, have everyone write the corresponding measurement "code" on their index card so you can quickly know which measurement they were ideating against!! This will save you a TON of time on the matching phase. Trust us!! :)

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