Here are some quick tips and tricks we have compiled for successful Planning sessions:

  • Break up the client and agency partners around the table. Mix it up.
  • There may be some internal politics you have to navigate, so make sure you understand those before the session. It is a good idea to know all the players in the room, so ask your client or research on LinkedIn ahead of time.
  • Ask your client if there is anything specific they want to get out of the session. Sometimes clients have a pet project they are trying to push through and want to use the agency as the “impartial third party” who will help you get that done. Play that to your advantage. Ask ahead of time so you have that in the back of your mind going into the session so you can maybe “steer” people in that direction.
  • Make sure you invite the decision makers of the organization to the session.
  • No tech policy is encouraged because it can be a distraction. And we need to stay focused.
  • Bring old plans to the session to help you when writing. Or refer to our Category Sample Statements article.
  • Read the room. If you sense they need a break, get up and move around.
  • Have your Rova Support take notes and be listening for tactical opportunities to feed to the creative team later for ideation and/or to upsell to the client.
  • If you have any other burning questions or your own quick tricks - don’t hesitate to comment below!

It's time to start writing measurements. Let's get started.

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