Here is a sample agenda, as well as an email you can send to your clients in advance of your Plan session. Feel free to edit as you see fit!

Hi [Client name],

We are excited to host you for the planning session for [Company]!

Below are some reminders and details. Bottom line: You don’t have to worry about preparing anything. Just bring yourselves and high energy and be ready to think and have fun!

Dress code: Casual, we want you to be comfortable.

  • No cell phones or laptops during the sessions; there will be scheduled breaks to check emails, voicemails and return phone calls.
  • [Working lunch; lunch will be provided on both days. Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions.]
  • What to bring: Nothing. We will provide everything from paper and pens/pencils, beverages, snacks, phone chargers, etc.

Parking: [Fill in]

Tentative Agenda: 

Organize agenda as necessary based on client priorities and appropriate flow of categories, as well as if you are doing Rova for an entire organization or Rova for a project. The agenda below is for an entire organization. If you are doing for a project, you'll do the Plan session for a half a day.

[Day 1] Agenda:

  • 8:00a Arrival and introductions; [Agency Lead] to review what we will be doing the next two days
  • 8:30a Focus
  • 10:00a Break
  • 10:15a Dollars & Sense
  • 11:15a Market Position
  • 12p Lunch/Break
  • 12:45p Brand
  • 1:45p Outside Perception
  • 3:00p Break
  • 3:15p Inside Perception
  • 4:30p Wrap up

[Day 2] Agenda:

  • 8:15a Arrival
  • 8:30a Recap from previous day (Agency Lead)
  • 8:45a Innovation
  • 9:45a Decision Approach
  • 10:30a Break
  • 10:45a Talent
  • 12:00p Lunch provided
  • 12:45p Motivation
  • 1:15p Giving Back
  • 2:15p Ownership
  • 2:30p Economics
  • 2:45p Technology
  • 3:00p Regulations
  • 3:15p Market
  • 3:30p Wrap up and next steps

If you have any questions prior to the Plan session, please let us know. See you on [date]!


--end email--

We'll now explore the 16 key business categories you'll cover in your Plan session(s).

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