Here is our suggested list of everything you need to set up and prepare for the Plan session for an entire organization or a project (for both traveling on site with a client and hosting at your office). If you find other items that are useful, please share with us!

Materials Needed:

  • Worksheets (modified with the name of the client in the footer). Download for an Organization as a PDF or in InDesign. Download for a Project as a PDF or in InDesign. Printed and paper clipped. Do not put in any sort of binder. Always print two extra copies.
  • Pens/pencils
  • Table tents with names for everyone on both sides
  • Laptop, projector and screen (adapter if you have a Mac)
  • Rova Plan template on laptop, populated with name of company (download for an Organization or for a Project)

Setup Timeline:

As soon as the SOW is signed the Lead sets the date and time for Plan session(s), and emails suggested information (below).

48 hours before the Plan session(s), the Lead or Support updates the worksheets, modifies descriptors for organization or project and adds any client info, and prints. At this time, he/she also create the table tents with names on both sides.

24 hours before Plan session(s), print the worksheets for everyone and set up tables with worksheets, pens, pencils, name plates and lunch menus (if you are providing lunch).

Recommended Email:

We are very excited to host you at [Agency Name] on [date(s)].

We will be going through a collaborative strategic planning session to identify what success looks like for your [organization/project] in the future. You've all been invited because of your roles within the organization and your vision for the direction of the company. We greatly value your opinion and contributions.

I will be sending out an agenda next week, but for now some housekeeping details are as follows:

Agency attendees:

Lead is [Name, Title, link to LinkedIn bio if applicable]

Support is [Name, link to LinkedIn bio if applicable]

Dress code: Please come dressed comfortably.

Ground rules:

  • Please arrive with enough time to be ready to begin promptly at [x:xx am/pm]. Coffee and soft drinks will be provided.
  • No cell phones or laptops during the session(s), there will be scheduled breaks for you to check your email, voicemail and return phone calls. We will be very strict about this policy, as we need everyone’s attention to stay on track.
  • [Working lunch will be provided both days. Please let us know of any dietary restrictions.]
  • What to bring: Nothing! We will provide everything from paper to pens, beverages, snacks, etc. 

Agency address: [Fill In]

Suggested lodging information: [Fill in]

--end email--

Next, we'll review a sample email to send to your clients the day before their session, as well as the agenda for a Plan session(s).

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