After the Plan has been approved by the client, it is time to write measurements. Measurements are the key to the Rova Methodology and software. This is the most important step and measurements are required for using the software. Remember though, measurements ensure the integrity of the work, not the outcome.

Everyone will likely have a different methodology to write the measurements that works for them, as well as a different way of actually articulating a measurement. Don’t worry, there really is no right or wrong way to do this. The author of the measurements is the agency Lead, who will determine how finite he/she wants to get with the measurement. Bottom line and most important, you need to be sure the statements in each category are actually measurable. If they are not, then you will need to rewrite them to be measurable, because after this step, the Creative team is really only concerned with the measurements.

We recommend you find a block of time on your calendar (4 hours to start) and go to a quiet location. Print out a hard copy of the Plan and bring a highlighter. Highlight the measurable parts of each statement and then start writing measurements for the highlighted parts. Determine which statement are absolutes that require a True/False measurement, and which ones you need to measure a percentage of, etc. You can also use the qualifiers of greater than or equal to and less than or equal to. Fill in the table below with your measurement. There will be one measurement per line of the table.

Keep writing until you are completely finished.

Note: The last four categories usually have true/false measurements only.

It's helpful when you have a lot of measurements (usually for organizational-level) for the Lead to number the measurements in the table. This way, it is easier to keep track of in ideation. It also helps to assign letters to the categories. i.e.: A= Focus B=Dollars and Sense and so on. This does align with the software, as well, for ease of importing.

Once the measurements are written, set up a time to review with your client. Explain to them the entire table (use the above diagram) and a few select measurements, but do not go through them line by line. Give them time to digest and they will likely come back and say things like “we don’t currently measure this.” Your response should be, “Great then we will start at zero for our first measurement." Or they may say, “We don’t have a way to measure this right now.” Don’t worry about that, either. That can be up to your Creative team to decide in Ideation how they will obtain that measurement. (And another opportunity to sell to your client!)

Once you have written all your measurements for the Plan, and received approval from the client, it is a good practice to start noting things the client is already measuring so you can have some baseline measurements to input right away.

After the measurements are approved by the client, you are ready to move into the Ideation phase.

Or if you'd like to learn more about writing baseline measurements, the initial measurements prior to tactical execution, read our article on it.

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