Baseline measurements are the initial measurements prior to tactical execution. This measurement gives a minimum starting point to compare to once the tactic has been executed and your measurement moves because of the tactic.

When possible, baseline measurements should be taken before any tactical activity is implemented. This helps attribute all improvements or even deterioration in performance once tactics go live.

You'll find this as an opportunity to work with your client and enhance their campaigns, as well as more scopes of work for you as an agency. Even possibly enter into new work you never thought about doing before. You may write customer surveys, implement an employee survey process or set up Google Analytics on a current site.


You have established inside perception measurements, but your client is not currently measuring employee/staff feedback. By helping your client write an employee survey based off of the your measurements, as well as desired client-requested feedback, you will have a system to collect that data prior to tactics going live and also once they are completed to show tactical performance. The survey can be reused throughout tactical execution depending on the frequency of measurements.

Whenever possible, you should use baselines that are collected by data from existing measurement systems.

If baselines cannot be collected prior to tactical implementation, one should set a baseline as a minimum or opposite of success. The silver lining of indicating failure in a measurement is that from then on, the campaign can only show improvement after the first measurement and encourages measurements be taken as soon as possible.

Now you're ready to move into the Ideation phase. Let's do this.

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