Many clients want to know, "how long will this take?" before they sign on the dotted line. If you use the Rova Methodology, you can comfortably say that strategic planning for a project will take about 2 weeks, plus the time it takes to deliver what it is you have been engaged to do (website, campaign, etc.)

The Plan phase will take roughly 14 days and can be broken down as:

  • Plan session (agency & client): 1/2 day
  • Refine the Plan and deliver to the client (agency): 2 days
  • Review of Plan (client): 2 days
  • Revisions of Plan (agency): 2 days
  • Approval of Plan (client) : 1 day
  • Write measurements (agency): 2 days
  • Review measurements (client): 2 days
  • Revisions of measurements (agency): 2 days
  • Approval of measurements (client): 1 day

After the measurements have been approved, your Creative team can get to work on the end deliverable. We recommend you kick off the project like normal and follow your normal process. However, the Creative team should use the Plan and measurements as their compass when coming up with strategy, messaging, branding, ideas, etc.

Are you ready to start the Plan phase for a project? Let's dive in.

Or you can view our sample timeline for implementing the Rova Methodology for an entire organization.

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