Before you create the final deliverable for your client, have a check-in point with them a few weeks after your Ideation session.

The Creative team should also meet with your Client Services team to go through all the refined ideas. Together, using the Account team's knowledge of the client relationship, any special initiatives that have to get through, etc., you'll develop a tactics outline.

  • This is a time to determine how you will package everything up and present it to the client and which tactics are important to include - whether it be a Keynote, PDF, Word document, email, etc. A good litmus test of which tactics to include, or leave out: the number of measurements affected, the resources the client has available to them and timing.
  • The outlines should define the major points of the narrative in one section and the recommended tactics in another section.

Once it's complete, you'll provide the outline to your client for approval. It's time to start developing your final deliverable - and as we refer to it, it's time to Ditch the Pitch.

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