Ideation is part of the second phase of the Rova Methodology, Transcend. Typically, you'll only gather the client group and your agency members for a collaborative Ideation session if you are doing Rova for an entire organization. This article outlines the process for that. If you wish to do a session for a project, you may adapt these steps as you see fit. However, often for a project, the deliverable is a specific tactic where your Creative team already has a process for Ideation, or Discovery.

Who To Invite:

The agency Lead and/or Support needs to find out from the client who will be participating prior to the Ideation session. Often times, the client likes to bring more of the “doers” to the Ideation session. If there are people new to Ideation who did not participate in the Plan session, the agency Support should walk through the Plan with the new team members and ask if they have any questions first.  

At this point, the Lead turns over the reins to the Creative team to lead. It will take two members of your creative department to lead this session.


Refer to our article on Ideation Session Prep and Materials for a complete list of materials needed, as well as a sample email to send to clients. Or if you're doing our step-by-step guide, we'll get there next. 

Then download our handy Ideation Preparation sheets which outline how to set up the room, materials and supplies needed, how to run an Ideation session, rules and reminders and a suggested agenda. Download Ideation Preparation Sheet 1 here and download Ideation Preparation Sheet 2 here - both PDFs.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Creative Lead: Main facilitator of the session. This can be your Executive Creative Director or equivalent. They are there to lead the discussion and get everyone talking and brainstorming. It is OK if you start to hear the same thing over and over again. You will. The objective here is to pull all the ideas out of everyone.
  • Creative Support: Support to the Creative Lead by participating and asking questions, etc. This can be a member from your creative team (likely an Associate Creative Director, Copywriter, Visual Designer, etc.) Present fresh, engaging, off-the-wall inspiring ideas. Your clients will likely handle the routine "business" stuff.
  • Plan Lead: Participant.
  • Plan Support: Participant. 

Step-by-Step Guide:

There will be several times when someone else has the same idea. Encourage them to still present it, but to tape it near the other card so they are all together. This will come in handy later when you are consolidating tactics. 

This is an exhaustive process. The idea is to get all the ideas out of the client. You should have fun with it! No idea is a bad idea and no one should ever say, “That didn’t work last time” or “we tried that once and it didn’t work” or “there is no way we can do that with the resources we have today.” Encourage positive feedback and an open environment to share ideas. It helps to remember some of the people in the room feel honored to be there, and are excited to have the chance to share their ideas in front of their boss or upper management.  

After the Ideation session is complete, the Creative team will take all the tactics down from the wall and consolidate them. There could be HUNDREDS of ideas. Agencies using the Rova Methodology have seen as many as 800 ideas before. However, there are lots of duplicates. It is up to the Creative team to consolidate all the ideas before inputting into the software.

Next, we'll dive deeper into the Ideation session and how to prepare.

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