The day after your Ideation session, your agency's Creative team will begin cataloging and sorting. You may have hundreds of ideas, however, there will be many duplicates. It's up to your Creative team to consolidate all the ideas before moving forward and, if you're a Rova customer, before inputting them into the software.


  • The Creative team pulls the notecards off the wall and creates physical groupings of common themes (Thought Leadership, Sales Process, Brand, etc.).
  • In an Excel document or Google Sheets, type in each tactic by theme. This is important because when you import the tactics into the Rova Software, it must be in an Excel file. The first tab should be the entire list of tactics. Try to keep the sentences as true as possible to the original card.
  • The categories can be omitted from this step. They are no longer necessary.


  • In the same Google Sheet or Excel document, create a second tab called "Refined Ideas". This is where you will start to refine the ideas into buckets and remove duplicates. You don't need all those tactics down the road.
  • Combine duplicates into one tactic, with columns of the title and description. It's very important the columns are labeled this way as that is how it will be imported into our software. A screenshot from Rova is below.
  • Refine the rest of the ideas into buckets or themes (i.e. how thought leadership comes to life within the organization or what the new website could do).
  • At the same time, the Creative team is compiling and refining, the agency Support role will start to import the plan and measurements into Rova.
  • Once the spreadsheet of refined tactics is ready, you'll import it into Rova and then the matching process begins.
  • We recommend the Support role matches the tactics to measurements in Rova. This will let you know if every measurement has a tactic associated with it. If not, then the Creative team must ideate new tactics to address the missed measurements. The goal is to have at least one tactic to influence every measurement.

Now you're ready to prepare the recommended tactics to your clients and start selling! 

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