We receive a lot of feedback from agencies like, "We are a small agency, with many people wearing many different hats. How do you balance it all?" or "It seems like a lot of steps. How do we do all of this?" 

It's easy to look at all of the documentation, steps and materials and get overwhelmed. It helps to think about it this way:

The Rova Methodology is a suggested methodology. You can adapt it to what works best for your team, so long as you get to measurable statements and then actual measurements a creative team can ideate against.

Think of it as three easy steps:

  1. Write a plan with measurable statements.
  2. Write measurements for those statements.
  3. Come up with tactics to influence those measurements.

The Rova software is a workflow automation tool for your Client Services team. Rely on the software to help you manage your to-do’s, and it should become a habit and less daunting.

Also, we would love feedback on how to make the software easier and more automated for you. Here are a few ways we have already done that:

  1. You can bulk import measurements.
  2. You can bulk import tactics.
  3. You can set up email reminders for when a measurement is due.
  4. There are notifications to alert you when you sign in and see something is missing or overdue.

Many of our customers rely on the data being delivered directly to the Rova software from their clients inputting data. Assigning measurement activity early will prompt team members to report their measurements and hopefully minimize the reminders from your Account team. It only takes a bit of time up front, but pays off in the long run.

Finally, remember the ultimate goal of using this software is to create a predictable project pipeline of pre-authorized work. Once you have your Plan set, your team can focus on simply scoping and kicking off projects rather than the time-consuming, risky, resource-intensive process of pitching new work.

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