To get an in-depth look at a specific tactic, click on the information icon from the plan screen on a specific tactic. Once redirected to the tactic details screen, you will see the tactic's description. If the tactic is a merged tactic, you will also see the child tactics rolled into this specific tactic.

In the right hand column, you will see a "How's my tactic doing?' widget. This pie chart will show you overall how the measurements tied this tactic are progressing.

Partner/Vendor/3rd Party
If there is a partner/vendor/3rd party linked to this tactic, you will see who that is below the progress widget in the right hand column. From here you can also click to see all of the tactics that partner is responsible for. 


In the right-hand column of the screen, you will see the tags widget. Any tags attached to this measurement will appear here. If you want to add a tag to the measurement, you can add them here as well.


Below the chart in the tabbed frame, users will see a measurements tab and a child tactics tab. The measurements tab will show each measurement tied to this particular tactic. In each measurement row, you will see the measurement ID code, the measurement, the SSV, the current value, the number of tactics deployed out of the total number of tactics, the activity graph and any tags attached to that measurement. Each row has two icons. Clicking on the edit icon will open a modal allowing the user to edit the category. Clicking on the information icon will redirect the user to the category detail's screen. 

To add measurements to the tactic, click the Add Tactic button at the bottom of the screen.

Child Tactics

Under the child tactics tabs users will see each child tactic rolled up into this specific tactic, if it's merged. In each child-tactic row you will see the number of measurements tied to each tactic and any notes left during the merge. Clicking on the "x" icon will delete the child tactic.

Edit a Tactic

If you need to edit a tactic after it has been imported, click on the blue Edit button in the top right corner of the tactics details screen. From here, you can edit the name, description, deployment date, theme, partner or 3rd party and internal reference (project number or job number, link to Basecamp, etc.). You can also update the budget and add tags.

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