To get an in-depth look at a specific measurement, click on the info icon from the plan screen. It will take you to the measurement details screen which houses a wealth of information and allows you to analyze activities and trends. 

At the top of the screen you will see the activity plotted on a graph with the start value, the previous and current value as well as the SSV.

Edit the Measurement

If you need to edit the measurement after it has been imported, click on the blue Edit button in the upper top right corner of the measurement details screen.


If a measurement is assigned to someone you will see their email in large font in the left-hand column within the Reporter widget. From here, you can also send an email reminder to the reporter. To edit or add a reporter, click on the blue Edit button in the upper top right corner of the measurement details screen.

In the right-hand column of the screen underneath the reporter widget, you will see the tags widget. Any tags attached to this measurement will appear here. If you want to add a tag to the measurement, you can add them here as well.


Underneath the tags widget you will see the comments section. The comments section allows Rova users to leave comments on a specific measurements. Examples of comments would be where the data came from, any caveats, etc. This is also where a user would leave corrective actions. Corrective actions allow the user to leave tasks on a specific measurement and mark them corrected at a later time. 

Measurement Activity

Underneath the activity graph, you can view and add measurement activity by clicking on the Activity tab. You can search and sort activity through the search bar and sort drop down at the top of the activity box. In each activity row you will see the date the activity was entered, the value and two icons. If you click the Edit icon, a modal will pop up and all you to edit that specific activity. If you click on the "x" icon, the activity entry will be deleted. To add activity, scroll to the bottom of the activity box and click the green "Add Activity" button at the bottom of the box. Select the date of the activity, the value and any comments for this particular activity. Hit Submit to record the data.


Next to the activity tab, you will see the tactics tab. Here you will see all of the tactics matched to this individual measurement. They are listed by their ID (auto-generated by the software), their name, their deployment date, tags and budget. You can sort this table with the drop down or search any keywords with the search bar at the top of the box. You can also click on the information icon on any individual tactic and be redirected to that tactic's detail's screen. If there is more than one page of tactics tied to this measurement, you will be able to navigate there by the pagination buttons at the bottom of the table.

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