Note: Prior to using the matching tool, the person responsible for matching should connect with the creative team who came up with the tactics to briefly discuss each tactic. This ensures the person matching is fully aware of all measurements the tactic can affect and vice versa. 

The matching tool was designed to make the process of tying tactics and measurements together as easy and efficient as possible. You can launch the matching tool within any plan you are assigned to. You will be able to choose from the drop down menu whether you’d like to match tactics to measurements or measurements to tactics. If you want to make sure 100% of your measurements have at least one tactic, you would choose to match tactics to measurements. If you wanted to do the opposite, you would choose to match measurements to tactics. This is really a matter of personal preference.

Getting Started

In order to use the matching tool effectively, all measurements and all tactics should be uploaded into the system before beginning.

After you launch the matching tool, you will see either all of the measurements or all of the tactics (depending on what format you chose) listed in columns on the screen. These are placed in front of a color wheel to help the user quickly locate items as they match them. Due to the number of measurements and tactics, the matching tool was designed to be used at a larger resolution.

Tip: If you’re able to use two monitors, it is very helpful to have the Plan or other documentation up as you are matching. 


Across the top of the matching tool, you will see:

  • The number of (x of xx) tactics or measurements
  • A tactic or measurement, depending on what format you chose. This example shows a measurement.
  • This individual tactic or measurement is what you will be matching, or tying, to. If you click on this individual tactic/measurement, all tactics/measurements will drop down. If a tactic/measurement appears in green, it has at least one tied tactic/measurement. If a tactic/measurement appears red, it does not have any assigned tactics/measurements. This is helpful when you get to the end and the progress bar shows 90% or more, so you can easily go to those measurements/tactics. 
  • Save/Next: Once you’ve selected the measurements/tactics that tie to the tactic/measurement at the top of the screen, clicking this button will save the selections and move on to the next tactic/measurement.
  • Prev: This button will navigate back to the previous tactic/measurement without saving any matching done on the current screen.
  • Skip: This button will navigate to the next tactic/measurement without saving any matching done on this screen.
  • Select All: This button will select all of the tactics/measurements, but note that none of these matches will be saved until you click the Save/Next button.
  • Select Suggested: This button will select all of the suggested tactics/measurements. Suggested measurements/tactics are determined by tactics/measurements used on the previous screens. This feature saves time when matching similar tactics/measurements.
  • The Filter field will allow you to search words to find a particular measurement or tactic.
  • There is a progress bar to indicate the total percentage complete for matched tactics/measurements. The goal is to have 100% of the tactics tied to at least one measurement.

Suggested tactics/measurements appearing in green in the second line of the matching tool are the previously selected tactics or measurements. Our matching tool shows these to help save time. Click on any of them that apply to your current measurement/tactic rather than searching for them below.

When the tactics/measurements are completely matched, you are done. Now it's time to get to work executing those tactics!

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