When you log into the software, you will immediately see the dashboard screen. It is the default screen for every role. The data it shows depends on what plans the account owner has been assigned to. Note: the budget information will only appear on the dashboard for Admins, Client Editors and Client Viewers.

The dashboard shows:

  • An overview of all plans you are assigned to.
  • Summary of all data collected for the clients/plans you and the team is assigned to (total measurements taken, total tactics deployed, active plans, etc.)
  • What is coming up for the current week, which you can filter by client if you wish. Note: This is a rolling seven days list.
  • The horizon timeline is a rolling year of upcoming plans in order of their horizon dates. If there is more than one plan in a month, it will combine them and display the number of plans. You can then click on the number to see all the plan names.
  • Click on any of the plans in the horizon timeline to be taken to that plan.
  • Roadblocks are any overdue measurement as well as corrective actions.
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