Rova will conveniently create reports for you to share with your clients. You can generate them as often as the client would like (daily, weekly, monthly) and publish them to your client's dashboard. These are meant to provide your clients with a snapshot of what has been completed to date, the current status or "health" of the Plan, and what is upcoming. There are also open text fields within the snapshot to add in notes to give context or point out future opportunities. 

To create a report follow these steps:

  • Open the Plan you wish to create the report for and select "Plan Overview".
  • In the upper right-hand corner click the green Create Report button.
  • You will see a drop down menu for the three reports you can generate.
  • Select Plan Report. You will be directed to your Plan Report. 
  • Select your target audience for the report, agency or client.

You can personalize your reports, click Save to save them to your files or publish them to your client dashboards (if you are creating a client report). To learn more about how to navigate your report, click here.

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