Once a tactic is deployed, every measurement tied to it will automatically become green. The measurement status will stay green until activity is added, though it is important to note every measurement will remain green upon first entry of activity. On the first take, Rova is simply measuring that work is being done and we interpret that as a positive. On succeeding measurements, the status will change accordingly to progress.

There are four status colors: Green, yellow, red and gray. These are simple indications of progress and improvement. Here is a breakdown of what each color means.

Green: If a measurement is on-track or at the SSV, it will be green. All measurements will be green to begin with and only change based on subsequent activity entries.

Yellow: If a measurement is nearing off track, with one activity entry in the wrong direction, it will turn yellow. 

Red: If a measurement has two activity entries in the wrong direction - opposite of the SSV, it will turn red. A measurement will also be red if its activity is overdue; as soon as activity is entered, its status will change accordingly.

Gray: If a measurement is gray, it is inactive meaning it is tied to undeployed tactics. 

Overall, Rova is simply indicating progress and improvement based on the goal, or SSV. 

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