Once the Plan is created/imported, the next step is to add measurements and assign them to each category. Each category has a summary and each summary is written in such a way that it is 100% measurable. This is how we generate the measurements.

There are two ways to add measurements into Rova: manually enter them one by one or import them from excel.

To enter each measurement manually, follow these steps: 

  • Open the Plan you wish to add measurements to.
  • Locate and click Measurements in the left navigation.
  • Once you’ve clicked on Measurements, you will be taken to the Measurements screen where you will see a list of all of the measurements that have been added to this Plan. Scroll to the bottom of the screen until you see a green Add Measurement button, click the button. If there are currently no measurements, you will see an empty screen and the green Add Measurement button. Click the button.
  • Once you’ve clicked the button, you will see a form pop up. On the form, you will add the measurement description, select the frequency and the strategic success value type, choose an operator, select the Strategic Success Value, assign the reporter and select the category this measurement is assigned to. Note: Only the categories you used for the Plan will be available to select. Once the information is complete and accurate, click the green Submit button at the bottom of the form.
  • Once you’ve clicked Submit, the pop-up form will fade and you will see the Measurements screen again. If the measurement you added was one of the first, you will be able to see it on the screen. If the measurement you added was in addition to several measurements, the most recently added measurement will show up last on the list as the list of measurements, because, by default, measurements are sorted by ID number (auto-generated by the software).
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