To import the measurements all at once, you will first need to create a properly formatted excel spreadsheet. In order for the excel document to be compatible with Rova, it will need to have the following columns (you may also have an Assigned To or tags column):

  • Description – Any text describing the measurement (aka the measurement itself)  
  • Frequency – The frequency is how often the measurement is taken. Note: To be compatible with Rova, each frequency must be written out and in sentence case (i.e., Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi Annual or Annually), no abbreviations.
  • SSV – The Strategic Success Value must be a whole number and also contain the accurate operator (i.e., =, >, <, etc.)
  • Categories (optional) – The categories each measurement fall into can be imported by listing them separated by commas.
  • Reporter Email – Reporters are the individual parties responsible for entering activity into Rova and are notified via email, add this column and an email for each to bulk import.

Tip: The import function is case sensitive. If it's not working, double check your column headers.

Once you’ve formatted your excel doc, you’re ready to import the measurements into Rova:

  • Open the Plan you wish to add measurements to.
  • Click on Measurements in the left navigation.
  • Once you’ve clicked measurements, you will be directed to the Measurements screen. Click on the Import button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  • After you’ve selected or dropped your file, you will be redirected to the Measurement Import screen. This screen will show you the importing guidelines and upload requirements. When you’re ready to import, you can either drag and drop your file into the box at the top of the screen or browse and select your file.
  • Once you’ve selected your file, your import will begin but will not be final. On the next screen, you will see each measurement listed. If there are any errors, they will appear at the top of the list with a red error message indicating what is wrong/missing or if it is a duplicate.
  • If you need to delete any measurements, click on the individual measurement’s red ‘X’ button. Once every measurement passes, a green Import button will appear in the top right-hand corner with the total number of measurements to be imported. When you are ready, click the button. Your measurements will upload and you will be redirected back to the measurements screen. A green badge will appear in the right corner to indicate a successful upload.
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