Adding a Plan into the software is simple. Remember, there are three components to a Plan: the summary statements, measurements and tactics. But first, ensure the users and clients you are adding to the Plan to have been added to the software first.

  • Select the client (in the left navigation menu) you wish to create a Plan for.
  • Click on the + New Plan in the nav.
  • Once you’ve clicked the Add Plan button, you will be taken to the Create Plan page. On this screen you will have two options, Create New and Clone Existing*. Click "Create New". On the next screen, you will select the categories you used during the planning session. You can even add a custom category!
  • After you select your categories, you will enter the plan name, horizon date, select team members and add the summary statement on the next screen.
  • The team members who appear on this screen is everyone in your organization you have added so far. This is when you determine who has access to this particular plan. 
  • Once you select team members, their names will appear in the drop down and you can assign them to either Plan Lead, Strategy Lead, Creative Lead or Technology Lead, if you wish.
  • Once the process has been completed, click on the green Finish button and a green badge will appear in the right corner indicating you successfully created a Plan.
  • After clicking Finish, you will be redirected to the Plan Details screen.
  • If anything looks off or ever needs to be altered, click on the green Edit button on the Plan Details screen to edit.

*To learn more about cloning a Plan, click here.

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